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Kaptan ACAR B
Lenght : 28 mt
Breadth : 8 mt
Engine : 2 x 280 hp MAN
Generator : 17 KwA Mitsubishi
Elektric : 24 - 220 V
Outboard Engine : 15 hp Mariner
Fresh water tank : 10 tons available
Dirty water tank : 4 tons available
Diesel tank : 3 tons available
Cabins : 2 master cabins
WC shower : 4
Capacity : 125 persons
* The above tours be organized according to request at night as well.
** All daily tour programs can also be organşzed with lunch or all inclusive


Kemer Yacht tour (-1-)click here
Our yacht will set out from the Kemer port and will proceed until the shores of Phaselis, which is an archaic city: The boundless nonwavy sea, wonderful appearance of some rocks on the bank, caves beaches, coves and an a permanently fresh air...
A break and sea will wait for you in the small bay comprising Phalesis, the archaic city located on the foots of the olympus mountain and which has a rich ancient history. Here, you will see (at addtional charges) ruins of the ancient aqueduct, which, once upon a time, met the water need of the people, Roman batth, amphitheater and many other interesting places. During stops for a rest, you can bathe, sunbathe and have your idyll-styled lunches, as well as you can order your favorite drinks at bars. Indoor and out door places accompanied by harmonious waves will prevent you from feeling the excitement of the sun on the yachtand having a good time in shadow watching nature's wonders. Besides, you can anjoy other kinds of services including "banana", water skiing, parachuting or Jet Ski.

click hereDaily Tour 2 (Olympus)
Departure is from Kemer Harbour. After an 1-hour of breathtaking traveling beetween the meeting point of Tourus Mountains and Mediterranean the first stop for swimming will be at the ancient city Phaselis.
After half hour the journey will continue to Olympus. Leaving Phaselis behind us after 1,5-hour journey, you will meet another ancient city Olympus! The holy mountain, where in mitos gog ve goddesses live their life in harmony...
Here you will be served lunch with delightful Turkish food at the open buffed.
After lunch, 2 more swimming breaks will be given around other gorgeous bays. After this bay another break for swimming will be given in a 3rd bay.
during your blue journey seasonal fruit will be served. Subsequently, you will be at the Kemer harbour.


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